Friday, November 13, 2015

Sister’s Doppelganger

I’m the badass in the family, not like Little Miss Perfect, aka April. For a sister she can be as annoying as hell at times, but then there are days I could just kiss her if it weren’t for the ick factor. But I have to admit it was April’s idea. It bothers me I didn’t think of it first.

Once I turned 18 I knew April was jealous about all the freedoms I had. She wanted some of my freedoms so she said she would be willing to swap bodies for a weekend. I could be the biggest slut in school for a weekend and she could party until the cows came home in my body. We shook on it; it was a deal.

The swapping chambers at TG Inc. were just the ticket for a quickie body swap. It felt good to be in a girl’s body, ah, that came out wrong; I’ve been in a girl’s body, just not like this. Okay! Stop it. You know what I mean. After I checked all the parts I was interested in April and I went our separate ways for the weekend.

It was the best weekend ever. I had more guys (oh, now doesn’t that sound sick) than any girl in the school’s history. April will be famous once she gets her body back. She did things I don’t even think she knows exists.

The plan was to meet back at TG Inc. to swap back to our own bodies. As I waited I felt regret at going back to my old body. As time passedit became clear April was a no-show. She must be having one hell’uva time. At home mom and dad were up in arms. It seems April took off with my body. Dad said, “It’s about time the kid leaves home, but he could have said goodbye, at least.” They think she is me!

Nobody believed April had my body. TG Inc. has a strict confidentiality policy so they refused to disclose the swap. I had no choice; I was back in school in April’s body. A year later when I graduated again (this time as April), April was in the audience. After the ceremony he came to congratulate me. He kept up the charade. Then he pulled me to the side and whispered in my ear, “How is the school whore doing these days.”

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