Sunday, November 29, 2015

TG Inc Dating Service

TG Incorporated started a dating service and the guys lined up to join. With all the new girls on Earth, they were looking for that special man. Justin had no problem dating a hot girl from TG Inc. What Justin wanted was a gentle girl he could love.

Dating services come in all flavors. Any desire imaginable is available. Justin wanted someone to love and hold. He forgot to ask what kind of dating service TG Inc. ran. If he did he would have known the dating service provided the new girls with a girl of their own, one with commonality, like another guy turned gal.

Once the paperwork was filled out Justin was taken to a room where he sat alone. The door sealed and lights twirled. Girly lights! A few minutes later Justine was ready for her first date. Justine is a little black dress, high heel boots kind of girl. She is so beautiful she dates a different girl every night. In retrospect, Justine was glad she didn’t read the fine print.

1 comment:

  1. Love the boots kay. Awesome cap.
    Wish that could happen to me. Or maybe I meet a gal like that.