Sunday, November 22, 2015

Task Force for Girls

His name was NeoRock. That is what everyone called him. Some say he never had a real name. The only information about him is more myth than fact. We know he is a crime lord wanted on every continent. We also know he likes ladies in high heel boots.

The police know better than to find him. Some have tried and disappeared. NeoRock leaves the police alone if they leave him alone. But every so often a young buck wants to make a name for himself. Leonard is that man. New to the force, he wants to make a statement to crime lords. NeoRock knew he was coming before Leonard did.

Leonard started building a file, searching for a starting place to look for NeoRock. Two days later he disappeared. In an undisclosed location NeoRock had Leonard locked away. NeoRock used his resources and wealth to dress Leonard like a woman, a very attractive woman. Leonard sat on the floor in those high heel boots and waited for what… whatever came next.

NeoRock has contacts at TG Incorporated. A quick visit by a TG Inc. doctor removed all vestiges of Leonard’s manhood. A therapist taught Leonard how to use his new body. Leonard is now Anna. NeoRock finished his plan, his warning, to any that try to find or interfere with him.

Anna was sent back to the police force wearing those hot high heel boots. The message was received. NeoRock was allowed to run his business in peace while Anna enjoyed a nice desk job in a skirt. Life turned out different than Leonard planned. It still turned out pretty darn good for Anna. At least she didn’t disappear forever.

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