Thursday, November 19, 2015

Sisters at Last

From as young as I can remember I envied my sister, Kate. She was popular, happy, funny and beautiful. I so much wanted to be like her. As I got older Kate and I became closer and closer, so close, in fact, we were like sisters. But I was still a dumb boy.

As much as Kate and I talked about my wanting to be a girl there was no way to fix the mistake nature made. Then, in my last year of school Kate got a job working in the TG Incorporated labs. One of the perks was a reduced price on gender changes. Kate is the best sister in the world. She saved up her hard earned money and bought me the body I deserved.

Kate handled the transformation from Brad to Erika. It was the best feeling ever. Kate is still popular, happy, funny and beautiful. And so am I.  For the first time ever Kate got to take her kid sister shopping for clothes, girl’s clothes. I am so happy I could cry.

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