Saturday, November 28, 2015

TG Inc Credit Card Super Rewards

Competition in the banking industry is more fierce than ever. Banks vie for your business with growing enticements. Cash back rewards cards are so common only a fool would use any other kind of credit card. To beat the competition banks build relationships with corporations and non-profit organization for people that want to support a cause.

Most opportunities in these areas are already used. Now that every bank has a rewards card it is harder than ever to stand out from the crowd. No more. TG Incorporated has affiliated with the Community of Worlds Bank for a rewards credit card like no other. Many banks offer bonus cash or miles for a certain amount of spending. The TG Inc. affinity card goes one step further.

The bonus on the TG Inc card is a free session at TG Incorporated. You can have any body you want: permanent or temporary. Carl was the first to reach his goal and take a permanent new body, the Carol model. Isn’t she cute?

Carol was a sensation. Everyone wanted to know how she hit her spending limits to achieve the super bonus reward. It was simple Carol said after the publicity photo. “I used a gift card strategy. I bought gift cards with my TG Inc. card and resold them to a third party, keeping the bonus points. It took me only three months to fit into this dress.”

The gift card industry has never been better.

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