Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sister's Slumber Party

You would think Michelle is too old for a slumber party now that she is in high school. Nevertheless, mom okayed the idea without consulting me. Now I have to put up with brats for a whole weekend. Sick.

The slumber party starts Friday night with Michelle and four of her friends. Michelle asked me if I would help out. I don’t want to hang out with no stupid girls. It’s not like I’ll ever get a date. Just because I am small for my age does not make me a dork. When Michelle’s friends arrived they pleaded. There is no way I’ll get any rest anyway so I relented. I agreed to allow the girls to dress me up, to add insult to injury.

By ten o’clock the girls had stripped me naked and applied makeup, a wig and, well, you can see what they did to me. I know I have no chance with any of Michelle’s friends, but this pretty much ends any respect any girl in school will ever have of me once Michelle and her friends start talking.

The girls squealed with delight as they saw their creation. They started addressing me as Sissy. Great. Now that they had their fun I wanted to take outfit off. They would not hear of it. They said I could sleep with them. Big deal. I’m dressed like a girl and when they say sleep, they mean sleep.

Michelle made some hot cocoa. The sweetness felt good. The cocoa made me tired so I laid back and before I knew I was out.

The next morning the girls were up when I awoke. They were giggling and pointing at me. It seems the girls had hatched a plan to get me in a compromising position, drug my cocoa and then sprinkle me with TG Dust once I drifted off to sleep. I demanded they change me back, but I knew TG Dust was a one-way street.

I did not want to be a girl; I am a boy, ah, well, I was a boy, kind’of. The girls invited me to spend the weekend with them and their party. It seems even mom was in one it. She thought the change looked good on me. Mom said if I can’t get a date with a girl I should have no problem bedding a guy looking like this. Mom had a point.

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  1. Nice work, Kay. You must be up either really late or really early!
    Amanda H.