Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I'm the Taxgirl

The government has it all figured out: the best way to collect the maximum amount in taxes with the fewest number of complaints is to hire more female auditors. The problem is that there are not enough qualified female auditors. No problem for the IRS. A cost analysis study was conducted and the results were clear; the IRS could pay for the costs of turning qualified men into women for their army of auditors and still make a massive profit.

Warren is one of the most skilled auditors alive. The IRS knew it and wanted Warren on their team. It took some serious negotiations to bring Warren on board, but it was mission accomplished after two days of discussion.

Warren left his wife and kids and accepted the fact he would spend the rest of his life as a girl. As part of the deal he wanted a benefits package to die for. The TG Inc. medical work would include some real pampering. The nanobot hot tub would be like a spa treatment. As Patricia, Warren will enjoy a three day workweek. And Patricia wants a man in her life: a faithful, honest man.

Welcome to the IRS, Patricia. The taxpayers will never know what hit them.

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