Saturday, November 14, 2015

TG Virus

Remember the old Resident Evil movies? You thought they were only fun zombie movies, didn’t you? Well they are not. They are based on a true story of the early days of TG Incorporated, a time when an accident at a TG Inc. factory nearly wiped out every man on Earth. Twelve million men became girls during that event. This is their story.

Rascal University housed the first laboratory of TG Inc. The university received huge royalties from a recently discovered TG virus. TG Inc. went on to make billions on the TG virus alone, but in the early development stage it was discussed if humans should even be used during testing.

An explosion rocked the Rascal campus sending a plume of smoke and virus high into the air rendering the debate pointless. Fortunately the virus was heavier than the smoke particles and settled out in and around the campus and surrounding town and countryside.

The emergency responders (mostly men at first) noticed changes within minutes. Before long the men were all women and were not able to carry all the heavy equipment. In time the disaster settled out and was over. A major metropolitan area was now all female.

Kurt was one of the first responders. He, like many of the guys, took a selfie and posted it on social media sites. It was kind of cool being a woman at first. After a while it felt normal. Kurt is now Amy. She helped the disaster response team of TG Inc. cover up the whole incident. It was rather easy. The guys really liked being girls and the girlfriends and wives learned to love their spouse the way they were.

Now you know why same sex marriage laws became legal. There were just too many girls to go around.

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