Saturday, November 7, 2015

Which Locker Room?

Chad has a problem only a transgender male transitioning to female can understand. Once hormone therapy begins the body starts to change: the skin softens as a thin layer of fat develops beneath the skin, the masculine features soften and breasts begin forming.

Good health requires proper nutrition and exercise. Chad belongs to the local gym and visits several times per week. Now that the hormones are working in high gear, Chad has to decide which locker room to use. Gym management refuses to answer which locker room he should use for fear of a lawsuit. So Chad decided on a simple solution:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday he uses the men’s locker room.

Result: When Chad disrobes and uses the showers he gets lots of glares and a few rude remarks.

Tuesday, Friday, and weekends Chad changes his name to Lori and uses the women’s locker room.

Result: When Lori is topless, no problem; when totally naked: jeers, shock and rude remarks.

Lori so looks forward to the day of her sex reassignment surgery so the games can end. And finally, the day has come. Lori has the body of a beautiful woman with one exception and that exception was removed today by the doctor.

At the gym Lori took one last look at the men’s locker room and enjoyed the sights. Then she went to the women’s locker room as disrobed as she prepared for her workout. Several ladies congratulated her on how good she looks now. Lori knew she made the right choice.