Monday, November 16, 2015


Stranded on a deserted mountain road as a winter storm approached is a bad situation to be in. Ben found himself in just such a spot. With dark clouds threatening and high winds driving, Ben’s car choked and sputtered before dying.

Bad decisions get made in such a situation, but Ben is one lucky man. A woman walked out of the woods and offered Ben a place to stay until the storm passed. Cell phone service is unavailable in the remote area so he accepted the offer. A mile and a half from the road a small clearing with a house came into view as the first snow of the storm started falling.

The waif of a woman took Ben’s coat and made tea for her guest. The hot liquid went down smooth. The warmth made Ben tired so he tilted his head back and fell asleep. A few hours later he woke to find the waif smiling at him. He looked down at his breasts and felt his crotch. That was the moment Ben knew the waif was really a witch and the tea was really a potion. He looked at his tea cup; the witch’s grin confirmed his suspicions. All Ben could do was accept the women’s clothes the witch handed him.

The storm raged for two days before easing and it took another week for all the roads to be plowed. By the time rescue showed up the witch and Anita (a name they both agreed Ben should take) were the best of friends. Now Anita had to explain to her employer how he is Anita. Ben worked for the school district and Anita wanted to keep the job. The school agreed reluctantly, but the students, especially the boys, had no problem with it at all.


  1. Nice caption. I will bet you that "Ben-Anita " is not the first male she's helped "change " with her devilish delicious tea potion ! What's that old warning my Great Grandma told me growing up ? Oh yes, " Be wary of strangers and beware of unexpected gifts". Does her house only appear during a storm and then vanish like a phantom in sunlight ? Save this one, add some more to it and run it during Halloween !