Friday, November 20, 2015

The 'ol Switcheroo Con

Martin has had troubles with his new body. Swapping with his girlfriend was the greatest idea he had. It was even better when Sally loved the idea. But Martin had no idea Sally wanted his body to disappear from the world. Martin isn't upset he will spend the rest of his life as Sally.

Sally had some legal troubles unbeknownst to Martin. Once in Sally’s body it became abundantly clear when he was arrested. It took months, but eventually he proved he wasn't Sally, he is Martin. Now Martin has to adjust to his new body. For the most part it goes well; except for the finer points, like riding a bike in a mini skirt and thong.

Martin could care less. He enjoys the looks and catcalls. Every day he rides his new bike in his new body, wearing his new skirt and new thong. The hell with etiquette, he wants to ride his bike. Besides, he gets more offers to dinner this way. He hasn't paid for a meal (or rent) in months. Sally’s loss is Martin’s gain.

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