Monday, November 9, 2015

Ninja Panty Raid

At the end of the semester the sorority girls went home to spend the holidays with their families. The frat boys had the same idea, but planned on sticking around for a day or two longer to carry out the biggest panty raid in the fraternity’s history.

After the few remaining girls were to bed and the monitors relaxed for the night, the boys from Theta Delta Phi worked their way to the back entrance of the sorority, picked the lock and with the sound of a ninja entered the sorority. The boys were careful to only enter rooms where the girls had left for the holidays. Quietly they emptied the drawers of every panty and left their briefs behind.

Back at the fraternity the boys wasted no time enjoying their haul. Each picked a panty that appealed to him. Most of the boys went to bed wearing the used panty they commandeered earlier in the night. It was so exciting.

The next morning the boys knew they were had. The girls knew they were coming. The panties were all magic panties. The funny thing about magic panties is that girls can wear them without any issues. Even if the magic panty is worn and washed several times it still keeps it magical properties. The boys that decided to wear the panties (most of them) and were girls when they woke in the morning.

As the fraternity girls decided all they could do was have breakfast and discuss the problem the sorority girls rushed in laughing and jeering. The boys stood stunned wearing only a panty with their voluptuous breasts hanging out (the panty raid neglected to acquire bras).  The sorority girls helped the boys into perfect fitting bras.

The sorority girls rubbed it in telling the frat boys they deserved what happened to them for stealing the girls’ clothes. The sorority girls were not buying that boy’s briefs were left behind; who wants to wear boy’s briefs? The sorority girls went around the frat girls and gave them all names. Here is Scott, I mean Diane. After the frat girls all had names they had to learn how to act like real girls. The frat girls had more fun than the sorority girls.

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