Friday, November 6, 2015

Sorority Sisters Fight Back

The fraternity boys always went too far when they started drinking. Every Friday night was party night followed by a Saturday night party at the frat house. The favorite drinking game the guys played irritated the sorority sisters to no end.

After hours of drinking somebody would suggest a panty raid. How many intoxicated guys could resist such an offer? And neither could the frat boys. Soon they were sneaking across the compound making enough noise to wake the dead. With a rebel yell the frat boys stormed the sorority and pillaged the closets and drawers of the sisters. Each frat boy would strip down and pull on any clothes that fit. Panties and bras always made the cut along with lingerie or a dress. It would have been a laugh for the sisters, except the guys ruined too much of the clothes and college girls don’t have extra money lying around to replace the destroyed clothes.

The sisters banded together and decided it was time to end the charade. The sisters mixed magic panties into their delicates drawer. The lucky guys would pull out a pair of magic panties instead of normal panties. From then on they can wear panties anytime they want.

Phil was one of the lucky guys to find a pair of magic panties. The orange panty with matching top fit pretty well. Before long it fit even better. Phil was amazed at how well the dress fit. The sisters started pointing and laughing at Phil.

Phil was invited to join the sorority once she changed her name to Erin. The frat boys still made panty raids periodically. Erin hated it when they messed in her panties. She joined the sisters in salting the panty drawer with magic panties and watching a frat boy or two lose his manhood each panty raid. And still the frat boys gambled with their manhood once the drink started flowing.

Erin knew it was the best thing that happened to her. She never felt like she made a mistake. She knew she was a woman all the while; she just needed help to make the switch. The sorority sisters required an initiation challenge for Erin: she had to walk to the frat house on party night in the orange matching panty/bar set and allow the boys to enjoy her company. For some reason Erin loved the idea. There was no challenge to it.

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  1. I love this cap! do more about panty raids and sororities please Kay!m