Monday, November 23, 2015

Sister's Story

The feeling caused me to vomit; the acrid smell burned my nose. Only Donna cared, my sister. She stayed by my side after Mandy left me, a four year relationship gone. The wedding is off all because Mandy met a guy at work and could not control herself. Unlike Donna, I am the unluckiest guy in the world. If only I could be more like Donna.

Donna could feel my pain. In a weak moment I reached for her, the only person that understood me, loved me for who I am. Donna pushed my hand back and shook her head. I knew it was wrong on so many levels. Then she smiled.

She took my hand and guided me to her bedroom. She opened her dresser drawer and pulled out a new package of panties. They were from TG Incorporated, magic panties programmed to turn the wearer into Donna’s twin. She undressed me and unrolled a panty and put it on me. I waited for the panty to do its job. Before long I was a complete girl. As Donna’s twin sister I should have better luck in life.

Donna took me for a walk. The excitement overwhelmed me. I pulled the panty down and rubbed my slit. It was so soft and wet. It separated and opened slightly as I rubbed. I never got to touch Donna’s slit. It does not matter now. I can run my fingers over my own slit. Donna helped me pull my panty back on.
Donna calls me Renee. I think it is a pretty name. Donna helped me fit into my new life as Renee. She found me a boyfriend, the right man, to make my life complete. Thanks the gods Donna is in my life.

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