Sunday, January 31, 2016

Snow Fun

The major winter storm shut down every school and business in the tri-state area as emergency crews cleaned up the mess. Over a foot and a half of fresh snow to an already thick snowpack offered several days of fun before roads would be open and back to normal.

Brady made the most of his unscheduled time off. Temperatures rose to the freezing mark and the wind stayed calm. The weather was awesome for outdoor winter fun. Emergency crews worked around the clock, putting off all unessential services.

Guys accepted it as all a part of the winter fun. Brady decided he would be Debbie and took another run down the snow hill. She looks like she is really having fun.  Good thing no one was watching for vortexes. Brady would never have spent the rest of his life as Debbie if they had. Sounds like good, clean winter fun to me. 

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