Saturday, January 30, 2016

Infiltration Team

North Korea had flaunted international law for the last time. The testing on banned weapons of mass destruction led to sanctions. Nothing seemed to work. A quick, surgical strike was determined to end the repressive regime once and for all. A crack commando team was brought together to infiltrate North Korea and kill several top members of government.

The big day finally arrived. The infiltration went smooth. The approach to the government living quarters was too easy. Then it all went wrong. A vortex bubble appeared out of nowhere and moved as if controlled. It then was obvious the North Koreans could not only control, but create a vortex bubble. As each commando was touched by the bubble of null space they instantaneously turned into women.

North Korea sent the women back with a message: Don’t send women to do a man’s job. The North Koreans laughed hard. But women are a whole different animal from men. Arnold, now called Bambi, trained his women to finish the job they started. Three months later North Korea fell.

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