Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sissy Assignment 3

It’s time for your next sissy assignment. Have you been keeping up your end of the bargain? You better have or I will find you and force you into magic panties. You should be wearing panties every day now unless you are wearing hose. If you have any boy underwear I want to cut them into tiny pieces and throw them away. You will act like a girl from now on. No going back.

Panties and pantyhose should feel natural and normal to you now. You are closer to being a girl than ever before if you stay the course. For this challenge/assignment I want you to buy several bras. As before, buy them at a local store. Ask the prettiest female sales clerk to help you buy the right size. If you are too much a wussie go ahead and buy them from Amazon. Make sure you buy pretty bras with designs and colors. At least one bra should be pink with a pretty bow tie in the middle. As long as you are at it, buy at least one black bra and one pastel colored bra.

Now that you have bras you will wear them every day. Don’t stop wearing panties, sissy! No need to pad the bra or stuff it. Just get used to wearing a bra all the time. I’ll help you fill the bra in the near future. Can I trust you to follow through? This is important if you want to be a girl, I mean a sissy. Things are going to progress fast now so don’t hold back or delay. I am your ticket to a feminine future. 

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