Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sissy Assignment 4

Time for your next assignment, sissy-boy. I know I don’t have to ask about the first three assignments. You are wearing panties and/or pantyhose every day now and a bra, right? You have had a few weeks for the bra to start feeling normal. Have you noticed how much more comfortable girl clothes are? Yeah, thought so.

I bet you think you are going to be wearing a dress now; you are wrong. So far you have a little secret underneath your outer clothing. If you slipped into a dress now it would look wrong. You are not ready for a dress. This assignment may be the most important one I give you. You are a girl underneath, but it is time to start looking like a girl. Your assignment is to wear makeup.

This may sound minor to a boy, but no respectable girl would go out in public without makeup. I want you to buy a makeup kit (if you don’t have one already) and watch at least 12 different YouTube videos on how to apply makeup. You will practice every day! Make sure to soften your face so you look feminine. After one week of practice I want you to start wearing makeup in public. Start with some eye shadow one day, add blush the next day and so on. The YouTube videos will guide your way. By the end of week two you will be wearing full makeup every day! And keep wearing those panties and bra. No back sliding. In the next few months you will be a girl. A real girl!


  1. OK i get it more for him/her to think about over time and under stand new life that give to her. P.S. Krazy Kay in your other blog Exotic TG Captions did you take off a story form that blog because it was offenced the story or something you thought was wrong to do.

  2. Anon, I deleted a post on the other blog due to a complaint from Google. When you monetize your blog you end up suffering some censorship. Funny thing is I got the idea from a news report out of Iran. Seems everybody was fine with it except for Google.

  3. OK i just want to know, so keep up with good work.