Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Friendly Girl

Joshua complained to his sister, Kate, about how unfriendly girls are to guys. She had to explain about all the offers girls get. Any girl accepting every ‘date’ offer would soon have a label applied to her, a very unappealing label.

It sure was lonely for Joshua. Kate tried getting him a date. Then Kate decided on another approach. Joshua’s problem was that he came across heavy handed and clumsy when talking with girls he likes. To help Joshua understand a girl’s point of view she dressed him up as a girl and took him to a party.

The makeup and voice modulator made Joshua appear like a perfect girl. He introduced himself as Jennifer. It was hard to keep up with all the guys wanting to talk with him. It became exhausting as the night went on; guys wanting to make small talk and then making a move. Most were crude in their approach, some smooth, but all wanted to paddle between the legs. Joshua finally understood.

At home Joshua had a package of magic panties. He placed the package on the bed as Kate watched. “I will never make a good guy so I might as well be a girl, exhausting as it is.” Kate nodded understanding. He undressed. He fingered the prettiest pink panty in the package. He brought it to his face and inhaled deeply. As he pulled the panty on he said, “Goodbye ‘ol buddy.” Moments later his penis was gone and Kate had a new sister, Jennifer.

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