Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Best Surprise

Back in the old days a transgender had fewer choices than today. Before TG Incorporated you had to visit your doctor if you were determined to be a girl. The process took months to complete. By 2020 new medical procedures hinted at a TG Inc. future.

Glen could not wait for the future; he needed to get out of the body he was born with. The pain was too great every time he looked in the mirror. His doctor started him on a regimen of hormones to soften his skin and start breasts growing. Additional advanced therapies allowed Glen to start looking like a girl fast. Facial surgery followed along with surgery to widen the hips.

It was a nervous day for Glen as he prepared for the final stage of his transformation. To complete the transformation, Glen was required to sit on a seat that looked like a saddle. It held his legs apart and pushed his ass back. A cushion held his groin in place. He could hear the pressure building in the machine as a ram prepared to fire. With a click the ram released. In a fraction of a second the ram ripped out his boy-parts and made room for all the girl parts. He felt his body push and stretch. Then the ram came in for a second hit, inserting all her new equipment.

It took a few days to heal completely. The clinic had an automatic picture taken just as the womb was implanted. They all have the same surprised, happy face. Now Glenda does not feel so bad when they use her real name. She is finally the person she was meant to be.

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  1. Upon reading the first few lines of this Cap, I felt like you had read ALL of my inner thoughts & feelings......especially because you used my birth name. I TRULY WISH the so-called TG Inc REALLY existed, AND the technology was available to do what's described by your words.....I'd be the HAPPIEST girl in the world if this could happen to me. *dreaming*