Saturday, January 2, 2016

Pull It Off

As Sandra finished Aaron’s makeup, she said, “There you go. The perfect woman. My Lisa. And you better pull it off.”

Aaron swallowed hard. “What happens if I can’t pull it off?”

“Then I’ll pull it off,” Sandra said in a deep voice pointing to Aaron’s groin.

Female crime lords are the worst as Aaron was finding out. A gambling debt bigger than Aaron could ever pay drew the top dog into the discussion. At first Aaron thought a female crime lord would have more compassion than a man. He was wrong.

The only fortunate thing Aaron had going his way was the offer. Sandra needed a sidekick for a party that evening. The sidekick had to be female and Aaron had no choice; he was Lisa, the sidekick.

“How will I know if I pulled it off?” Aaron was worried. He was also practicing his girl voice and look.

“If anyone suspects you are a guy,” Sandra started, “you will not be for long.”

The evening went well. Aaron was certain no one suspected. He would be free of the crushing debt. Sandra came into the bedroom where Aaron was hoping to change back into a guy again. Sandra said, “Lisa, not a soul knew you were a man under the façade, except me. Thank you for living up to your end of the bargain.”

“Not so fast,” Sandra said. “You did such a good job it felt like we should build a working relationship together. That, and I really want a girlfriend. Yes, I’m that kind of girl. And I know I can make you the same kind of girl. Come with me to the lab where we can help you stop pretending.”

“But, but,” Aaron stuttered. “I thought if I pulled it off. . .”

“Don’t worry. I will enjoy placing a heel on your hip and pulling it off for you.”

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