Sunday, January 24, 2016

Robbery Gone Bad

My name is Charlie and I am confesing of my own fre will. I no you think I am a girl but that is not tru. I am confesing so you no the truth.

I am not very smart because I never went to scool. My mom never made me and I don’t know my dad. I was poor and needed money to buy food so I thauth it would be a good idea to rob the beauty salon. There wer only gurls ther and I am biger than they are.

I had a gun an ran in this afternoon and scared the gurls at the salon. They should have lots of money after people paying all day. It was strang with only gurls there. There were no boys. Flashing lights started flashing and turned me into a gurl. They said it was a gurly lite. They called me Cindy and called the cops.

I am relly sorry for scaring the gurls. I won’t take there money. I promise. Make them stop calling me Cindy. Tell them to giv me my peepee back. I don’t want to be a gurl. Make them stop making me ware gurl clos.

1 comment:

  1. Poor Charlie, not only did the girly-lights transform him into a "Girl ", but it also appears they also lowered whatever his IQ was before somewhat lower. Still at least he's not in Jail where he belongs ; instead she'll be working in a salon learning a skill as a hairdresser and beautician perhaps ? Hopefully they can also teach her how to rite bettor than shi duz now ; she sounds barely literate and some salon person can help boost her intelligence higher ! Nice caption. What a wonderful device to use on criminals ! It not only scrambles your molecular DNA,but also your IQ and mind as well. Sequel maybe please ? And please change her name to "Charli or Sharli ; really a boy named Charl1e ? "
    Ftygrl :)