Saturday, January 9, 2016

Old Habits Die Hard

Old habits die hard for Randy. He built one of the largest businesses in the state from the ground up. As an executive he expected his commands to be followed without question. That is how he built his huge company employing over a thousand people.

But with power comes stress and the years began to take their toll. Randy began to tire of managing a large corporation. Money stopped being an issue long ago. He lived a frugal life unlike many executives. He had more money than he could ever spend in a lifetime.

On a business trip to Thailand he ran across a doctor specializing in changing people’s appearance. Randy was intrigued. The doctor’s specialty was boy-to-girl transformations. He had a reputation of creating perfect women. Randy knew it was the perfect was to escape.

On return Randy tendered his resignation and sold all his stock. Shareholders were shocked so Randy said medical issues left him no choice. He returned to the doctor in Thailand. True to his reputation the doctor turned Randy into the perfect woman: Cassandra.

Old habits die hard for Randy. His body language still says “Power Pose”. Randy disappeared, never to be found. Cassandra grew antsy and started a small business in Thailand, a travel agency specializing in helping haggard businessmen disappear.

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