Monday, February 1, 2016

Ultra Runner

After the winter storm warm weather moved in. Kevin was antsy to get out and hit the trails running. Nothing relieves stress like a good workout or healthy run. Unfortunately, Kevin never got the warning to stay off the lower mountain trails due to an environmental leak of nanobots. It would take days for the tiny machines to die of exposure and before it would be safe to visit the trails.

It was a perfect run on a perfect day. Kevin was in a zone peeling off mile after mile. His dream has always been to be an ultra runner, but women seem to fare better on the grueling 100 plus mile runs. Perhaps their smaller bodies did not suffer as much from the impact of every footstep. Kevin noticed his chest beginning to bounce. Before long he knew something was different. He stopped and found a new, better female body. He always wanted the name Tonya and now he could have it.

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