Monday, January 18, 2016

Bashful and Shy

Oliver was heartbroken when his girlfriend confessed she was a lesbian. They cried as she explained her road to discovery. When the crying ended and eyes dried, she handed Oliver a magic panty and bra. Oliver knew what it was. He slowly removed his clothes and hesitated. He was a man. Magic panties are laced with strong transgender technology. If he pulled the panty on he would transform into a woman forever. He had to be certain his girlfriend would stay with him for life. Oliver knew he was not gay, not even a hint of gay. His girlfriend nodded. It was all Oliver needed.

The cool fabric felt smooth and soft against his groin. At first he thought it was a dud. His girlfriend helped him fasten the bra. It felt good; it felt sexy. Then he felt it. He felt his manhood tingle like a leg falling asleep. It grew more and more until he had an orgasm. Then it was over. He realized her had his first ever female orgasm. The panty was all wet and sticky; she filled the bra nicely.

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