Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Best Doctor

Most people know Thailand leads the world in gender reassignment surgery. Experienced doctors perform the transformation at nearly the lowest price on Earth and do a great job. What few people know is that Iran actually performs more gender reassignment surgeries per year than Thailand. Not only does Iran perform more of the transformation surgeries, they are also the lowest cost provider in the industry. The reason Iran leads the world is because Iran declared transgender and gay people can avoid prison or even death by changing gender, thus avoiding the label and eliminating risk.

The doctors did great work transforming Ken into Shahrzad. A few pictures for the record as Shahrzad dressed and a new passport and Shahrzad was ready to report to the world life in Iran. Back home Shahrzad became a hero as her work was the most comprehensive look at life in Iran in nearly fifty years. She won nearly every prize in journalism for her series of stories. Even the Supreme Leader of Iran was pleased. Shahrzad was welcome back to Iran anytime she wanted.

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