Friday, January 1, 2016

Lucky in the New Year

How was Alex supposed to know the ball dropping at midnight shot out random girly light beams? As the ball began dropping at midnight it rotated and sparkling light shot out around the park. Nothing happened at first, but then the first guy exploded into a woman and the crowd froze in shock. When the second guy poofed into a woman pandemonium ensured. The crowd, especially men, scattered. It made no difference. Hundreds of men went home as women that night. Some would say it was truly a Happy New Year.

He had to tell people his name when they asked so she said she was Sammy. She felt more feminine than she ever felt masculine. It was only luck that allowed Alex to be the women she was meant to be. Later that day she went home with a man she met at the party. Soon they shared a life together in love. Thank god for the girly light New Year surprise.


  1. Happy new year kay. Can't wait to see the caps that you make. I bet they will be awesome.

  2. Thanks, NeoRock. Happy New Year to you, too.