Friday, January 22, 2016

Fishing Trip

This weekend’s carp shoot will change Marlin’s life forever. While the boys traveled the backwaters a bubble of gas erupted from deep in the swamp. Usually swamp gas is nothing more than smelly methane gas, the same stuff farts are made of. But this was no ordinary swamp gas. The state university dumped waste product into the waterway from a research project. Long story short, the swamp gas was a super hybrid form of TG gas to dangerous to have any industrial or commercial value. The researchers thought the compounds would break down in the environment. They did not. They condensed in the lowest part of the water waiting for a disturbance to burst forth from its watery locker.

It happened so fast Marlin didn’t have a chance to say goodbye to his old body. The swamp gas was so potent and super concentrated Marlin was a woman in less than a second. After the initial shock wore off Marlin realized it only affected him, not his buddy. His buddy laughed and told him his name was Patricia now. “Just shut up and drive the boat,” growled Patricia. “I have carp to shoot.”

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