Thursday, January 14, 2016

Clothes Make the Wo-Man

Jack stormed out the house and vowed to never come back. What right did his wife have to forbid him from wearing her clothes? Isn't he the only one in the house with a job? Doesn't that mean the clothes were bought with his money? So shouldn't Jack be allowed to wear clothes bought with his hard-earned money? Jack thought so.

And what does Jack’s wife think about Jack wearing her clothes? Bitch! So now I’m the bitch, Jack thinks. Just because I look better in the dress than you, honey, doesn't make me a bitch. I take care of myself, thinks Jack. That is why I look so good in your outfit.

But Jack did not know the real reason he looked so good in the dress. His wife sprinkled nanobots on her clothes to punish Jack the next time he slipped into one of her skirts. Jack could care less. Her rented his own apartment, changed his name to Liz, and entertained guests for a living. Now who is the bitch?