Monday, January 11, 2016

Top Producer

By request from Anon.

Felix Securities has a big problem. They are the lowest producing office in the country and the manager’s job is on the line. The all-male office is given an ultimatum: produce or face the consequences.

A sales contest was devised with ample motivation attached. The top three producers of the month would receive a bonus; the bottom producer would be forced to work dressed as a woman until he produced sales equal to the top three salesmen during the contest period.

Edgar became Elisha in the office. The rules for Elisha were simple, sell an equal or greater amount than the top three salesmen during the contest before going back to wearing a suit and tie. The sales must be completed within three months or magic panties from TG Inc. would replace the panties he wore the first three months.

Elisha was on a mission. There was no way he would wear magic panties and be a woman forever. A team of women makeup artists were brought in to make Edgar look like a real woman. As Elisha, Edgar settled into the role soon enough. Sales escalated as the first month progressed. On day eighty seven it looked like Elisha would exceed the sales needed to be Edgar again when the unthinkable happened. The same guy pulled his deal again. Elisha swore in a very unlady like manner.

On day ninety one Elisha was resigned to her fate. Minutes after the makeup artists slipped Edgar into magic panties he could feel the changes. Elisha accepted her fate. It seems the office manager thought Edgar made a helluva woman. He wasn’t gay so he asked the client to withdraw the sale until after Elisha was a real woman. On the first day Elisha was a woman she was asked out for drinks after work by the manager. Soon Elisha was a stay at home mom and happier than ever.

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