Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Making a Murderer Revealed

Crooked police and politicians in Calumet County, Wisconsin finally got caught framing an innocent man, twice. It took decades and a Netflix documentary to get to the truth. Once the spotlight was on the backwoods country hick district attorney and sheriff’s deputies the truth was obvious. DA Ken did everything to protect his already tarnished reputation. The police, instead of doing the right thing, continued working the cover up.

It took the fed boys to bring justice to the backwoods of Wisconsin. A few decades prior a district attorney in an adjoining county went to prison after the fed boys brought him down. Seems like the disease in contagious. DA Ken was the worst of them all. He harassed a woman he was supposed to defend. The disgusting prick made a move on the victim while prosecuting the boyfriend. What a slimeball! Now the feds were moving in again.

The façade fell as the truth was revealed. Crooked cops went to jail and were discredited. Civil lawsuits followed. DA Ken worked in private practice when the boom came down. No longer able to earn a living, he could not pay the lawsuit or even a negotiated settlement. Finally Steven Avery decided it was enough. Money would not fix his problem and money would not make Ken a good man. So, as part of the settlement, Ken would no longer be a man.

After all the excitement you would think the local boys would change their ways and stay out of theinternational news as being Class A assholes. Nope. More excuses and refusal to take responsibility was all the taxpayers got; just what you expect from criminals. Judges continue lying, DAs continue bullshit cases, police keep planting evidence and taxpayers keep paying the bills. Almost looks like a third world nation. At least we can remember Theresa properly now.

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