Saturday, January 16, 2016

Girl for a Day

The witch found Zack sitting on a log in the woods with his face in his hands. At first the witch thought Zack was crying. He was close. The witch cleared her throat to get Zack’s attention. He looked miserable when as he slowly looked up at the witch. She had to pry to get anything out of Zack; all he wanted to do was bury his face in his hands. Finally he spilled the beans. Zack explained that he had a huge fight with his girlfriend and thought the seven year relationship was over. He just did not understand women.

After spending the first two hours feeling herself up Selma decided to strike out on her own. She walked around town, visited shops, enjoyed a meal at the diner and talked with other women she met. Before long Selma realized how competitive it is for women and how insecure they feel as the weaker sex. The deep seated fear their man would stray always worried the fairer sex.

Zack finally got it. The next day, as the twenty-four hour mark was fast approaching, Selma walked to the woods where he met the witch. She was nowhere to be found. Selma started to get nervous (typical girl) for fear he may have been tricked into being a girl forever. But as the last seconds ticked away from the twenty four hours as a girl, Selma transformed back into Zack.

Zack hurried home to be the kind and sensitive man his girlfriend always wanted. Their relationship was better than ever. Living as a girl for a day taught Zack what life is like as a girl and it frightened him and gave him new respect for his girlfriend and what she lives with all day every day.

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