Saturday, January 23, 2016

Turn of the Card

Accountants have all the advantages when it comes to money. By working with numbers all day they know what does and does not work. They also see how other people make their money. Eddie is an observant accountant, picking up ideas from clients almost daily. Today Eddie acquired a client who counted cards for a living. The concept appealed to Eddie’s personality. He asked the client to teach him how to count cards.

For eight months the team hit one casino after another, taking them for millions. The casinos knew there was a team cleaning them out, but who? It did not take long for the casinos to figure out who was involved. When the heat came, the team bolted, leaving Eddie as a sacrifice. They took Eddie to the back room and gave him the rubber hose treatment. He refused to give up his team. He might have been less stoic if he knew the team used him as an expendable pawn.

After several rubber hose treatments the casino decided to make a bold statement. They took Eddie to the Pleasure Room, a shop run by TG Incorporated in the back of the casino. The casino was reasonable and paid for Eddie’s transformation into Monica. Now all Monica has to do is pay back the casino the $38 million they say she owes them. There is only one way for Monica to earn enough to make a dent in the debt. Let just say Monica is a model employee of the casino working in client relations.

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