Thursday, April 30, 2015

Girls Night Out

People forgot about the vortex risk when months go by without an incident. Men wander far away from shielded areas even though the risks are well documented: if hit by a vortex, men transformed into women. Alex, like most men, took no heed of the vortex problem. Out of sight, out of mind.

Alex felt the vortex risk was small and he was right. Vortexes coming out of space are rare and when they strike only a small number of men are affected. Alex grew tired of living in the shielded part of his home. He wanted to take his girlfriend, Beth, out on the town. And so he did.

Alex took Beth to the nightclub and enjoyed an evening of friends, dance and drink. Alex, Beth and their friends left at closing. In the parking lot people started looking up at the sky pointing to a blue glowing light growing larger each second. Someone yelled, “VORTEX!” The men started to scramble. This part of town has no shielded shelters so the men were defenseless.

Alex knew there was nothing he could do. He held Beth’s hand and watched as the vortex sped closer. It was clear the vortex was very small as it approached. It moved so fast it was impossible to calculate a move out of the way. Alex looked down and closed his eyes. He heard a hum as the vortex raced by. A gasp went up from the crowd. Alex opened his eyes to see everyone looking at him, Beth still holding his hands. Alex was the only victim.

Beth hurried Alex home and reported the vortex incident. Alex was given a new identity immediately. Beth printed out his new papers with his name: Rhonda. Alex looked at Beth and said, “Will you still love now that I’m a girl?” Beth smiled and kissed her best friend passionately, then said, “What do you think?”

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Quiet Pool Time

Mystery Island is different for all who grace her shores. For many it is the perfect vacation get-away. Your thoughts determine what happens to you on Mystery Island. Some say the island reads your mind and grants your wishes, others say a mystical power intersects with the Earth to harness the power of the mind. For Arthur none of this mattered. He does not believe in such superstition. Arthur was vacationing on Mystery Island with his wife, Elise, for much needed rest.

Arthur saw a pool marked “Off Limits”. The pool promised a quiet place to enjoy the water. No obnoxious people to irritate him. The water was bath tub warm. Soon Arthur relaxed his body as he floated on his back. He managed to dose for a few minutes before he had to adjust himself in the water to prevent sinking. When he did he felt different. Then he looked down and knew why.

“What are you doing?” a man yelled as he ran toward the pool. “Didn't you see the sign,” he said pointing to it. Arthur played dumb. “This pool is filled with nanobots, you idiot. I hope you like how you look now because you will spend the rest of your life like that.” A crowd gathered to see the commotion. Elise was looking for Arthur and when she heard the conversation. She looked at the woman in the pool. “Arthur?” Arthur looked down. The man from the resort shook his head and said, “Come with me, sir. This happens a lot on Mystery Island, just not this way. We’ll get you your new ID.” When Arthur was handed his new identity papers he learned his new name is Ruth. “Nice name,” he said softly. Elise said, “I guess I can live with you this way,” as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

The Secret

Bruce sat silently in the chair as his wife, Katie, stared at him in disbelief. The secret was out; there was no way to put the genie back into the bottle. No more secret business trips to spend a weekend as a woman; no more dressing up at home when Katie was at work and he had a day off; no more secretly wearing Katie’s panties to work. After all these years he had to tell the truth. He loved Katie too much to hide it any longer.

Katie’s silence hurt. She stared at Bruce with wide eyes. He expected tears, but no, no tears. Slowly Katie left her chair and moved toward Bruce. She gently put her arms around Bruce and hugged him tight. She whispered in his ear, “I already knew.” Bruce pulled back to look Katie in the eyes. She smiled and nodded. “I've known for a long time.”  Bruce wanted ask why she never said anything but words eluded him. Katie sensed the question, “It wasn't like you were cheating on me. You like being a woman sometimes. I get it. It is okay with me.”

After more close time together Katie convinced Bruce to let her dress him up right so he looked so much like a woman he could walk undetected in public. Bruce got better each time Katie helped him play the role of Monica. Some hormones allowed Bruce to pass as a woman in only a bra/panty set. Don’t believe it. Look at his picture here. I think Katie did a great job on Bruce. He looks like a Monica to me. Now for a night out on the town.

Monday, April 27, 2015

The Secret is Out

Eddie wanted to run and hide when his wife burst into the room. “Don’t bother taking off my dress,” she said. “Huh?” is all Eddie could muster. “I've known for over a year now. I even set up a hidden camera to record you.” She pointed to a small dot in the corner of the room. “I don’t think I own a piece of clothes you haven’t worn.”

The brief silence between outbursts was deafening. “Sorry,” Eddie said in a whisper. “No you are not,” her voice slowed and dropped an octave. “I get it. Some guys get off wearing women’s clothing. You do look good is a slip.” She put her arm around Eddie. She continued, “You know I love you no matter what you do. Right?” Eddie nodded. She took out of her pocket what looked to Eddie like a laser pointer. “Do you know what this is?” Eddie shook his head. “This is a girly light.” Eddie jumped back. “Don’t worry, honey. You are safe with me. This is the first girly light that only changes you for a short while. No permanent changes. Well, unless you flip this little switch here. Then the deed is done.” Eddie stared at his wife. His wife pointed the girly light at him and pushed the button. “Now you fill out that dress perfectly. Let’s go out and show the world.”

Eddie was reluctant at first. His fetish was always private. On the street his wife introduced Eddie as her friend, Connie, from out of town. Later, they returned home and Eddie tried on more sexy clothes. Eddie and his wife had a great time now that his secret was out in the open. Unknown to Eddie, his wife flipped the little switch. The one that make changes that can’t be undone. What? Eddie’s wife thinks he looks great as a woman.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Birthday Gift

Aziza wanted to give her husband, Martin, a birthday gift he will never forget. It would not be easy. Martin has everything he wants and more. A large inheritance will do that to a guy. Still, Aziza wanted to make Martin’s birthday very special.

Recently Aziza discovered Martin had a secret he was hiding. She noticed her clothes were moved and folded differently. She installed a hidden camera and caught Martin wearing her clothes. She heard him complain on tape he couldn't wear her skimpy clothes due to his body type. This was all Aziza needed to make Martin happy for his birthday.

Early on Martin’s birthday Aziza convinced Martin to go for a ride. He expected a birthday gift and was excited. His eyes became huge ovals with tears forming in the corners when she stopped at the swapping company. “I know your little secret, Martin,” Aziza said. “I know what would make you happier than anything else today: switching bodies. Then you can wear any skimpy outfit of mine you want.”

Martin accepted Aziza’s hand as she led him into the building. Aziza has all the paperwork and payments taken care of the day before. Martin and Aziza stepped into their respective chambers. The doors were closed. When the machine finished its work Martin and Aziza steeped out. Martin looked down at his body. “I can’t believe it. I have your hot body, Aziza.” Aziza gave Martin a hug.

At home Martin tried on several outfits before settling on a bikini. Aziza took a picture for the scrap book. As the day grew late Martin asked, “How long do I get to keep your body?” Aziza smiled from Martin’s body, “As long as you want.” That night they made the best, most passionate love in their life. Martin wondered if Aziza would be open to staying as they are forever. Aziza was thinking the same thing.

Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hitting the Slopes

A late winter storm forced Brad to the slopes for one last opportunity to snowboard this season. He dressed warm for the occasion planning a full day riding the snow. The first run he ran straight into a vortex transforming him into a woman not dressed so warmly instantly. Brad could not stop cussing when he hit the bottom. Here he was a woman in a bikini and a scarf. How could he enjoy the rest of the day?

Then a kindly old man put a mirror in front of Brad. Brad stopped cold in his tracks and said, “My gawd! I’m hot!” Brad soon loved the boots and skimpy outfit. He referred to himself as Matilda the remainder of the day. Everyone on the hills loved the fun Brad brought to the party. Every run down the slopes people cheered, “Go Matildaaaaaaa!” By the end of the day the entire lodge was wore out from all the fun Brad brought to the party. Funny thing is Brad never felt the cold wearing a bikini he was having so much fun.

As the sun went down the party migrated inside to the main reception area of the lodge. The fireplace in the center of the room added a special warmth to the room. Matilda was surrounded by men all evening. Brad knew he was the lucky one to get struck by the vortex. Later, as the evening grew late, Matilda put hand on the inside elbow of a man she was eyeing up all evening and went to his room. The next morning she enjoyed the warmth of a gentle older man as they watched the sunrise with a cup of coffee in the nude.

Something Pretty to Wear

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Friday, April 24, 2015

My TG Swapping Diary

TG Swapping Diary

Day 1: Today I embark on a journey of discovery. I finally have my life in order so I can be the person I really am. The money has all been paid; there is no turning back. I will be a girl when the hormone treatment and surgery is complete.

Day28: Dear Diary, my body has started to undergo changes. They were so small at first I was not sure if it was sore muscles or the hormones. My skin has softened and my breasts are sore. The doctor gave me a drink containing nanobots. She said the nanobots will facilitate internal changes necessary to be a fully complete woman. Crazy, I know, but I feel normal, like everything is okay.

Day 93: Over three months have passed now. My breasts are very sore. My nipples hurt. But it feels so good to look down and see a woman’s body developing. My breasts have grown enough that I need to wear a bra. My hips have widened and a thin layer of fat under my skin has softened every part of my body. The nanobots the doctor gave me stopped unwanted hair from growing on my face. The hair on top my head is full and long. I decorated my finger nails today. I really look like a girl except for a few areas down below.

Day 187: The doctor has scheduled the last phase of my transformation: minor surgery to my genitals. I am a little nervous. There is no going back. Unless you see me completely naked I look exactly like a woman. Even my penis has shrunk to a microscopic size. I sit when I use the restroom. I can’t wait to lose that last offending appendage. I am so ready to be a fully functional woman.

Day 211: Surgery went perfect; the healing is complete. Coming out of surgery was interesting. I couldn’t stop rubbing my hand over my smooth crotch when I woke after surgery. It was totally real. I have girl parts. I started to cry I was so happy. I don’t know what else to tell you, but here is a picture of me as I really am. Adam no longer exists and Carol is a happy, vibrant woman. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

The NeoRock Special III: Rock On

Generations have passed and still Captain Alexis rocks on. The legend is greater than the myth. Bad guy aliens can’t understand why Captain Alexis has ruled civilized space for eons. What gives her such powers? How can rumors of her death be so wrong? And why the hell doesn't she retire?

What bad guys the galaxy over do not understand is that Captain Alexis is not the same Captain Alexis that ruled her armada of spacecraft from her flagship a few years ago. When one Captain Alexis is bested another takes her place. It is not Captain Alexis; it is the body suit. And for some reason the bodysuit has a passion for men named Paul.

A bloody battle in the Kentar Cluster left millions dead, but the survivors are safe for generations from marauders. In a fierce battle Captain Alexis led her troops into battle. The sweet victory was soured by Captain Alexis dying in the arms of Paul Runestone. “Promise me Paul you will wear my body suit just once.” These were the dying words of Captain Alexis to her first in command. By standing orders Paul transported Captain Alexis to the flagship secretly, disrobed her, and placed her in the incinerator. No one can see Captain Alexis vulnerable; it would only encourage the resistance.

Once Captain Alexis was gone, Paul held the body suit and boots in his hands. As strange as the request seemed he obeyed and put on the body suit and slipped into the hooker boots. In moments Paul felt his body change. Within minutes he looked exactly like Captain Alexis. He also had her memories, all the memories, experiences, and knowledge of every Captain Alexis that came before him. He was now a woman in power, a woman in control, a woman commanding respect. Paul took a first in command and swore him to allegiance and secrecy.

Paul relished his new role as Captain Alexis as he transported back to the planet surface. He toured the deserted back roads for signs of evil survivors. When he spotted a reporter he posed for a photo for the Galactic News Network. The promise of a safe galaxy went on for another generation.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Best of Friends

Karl hated going out with his wife and her friends. What do you say in a group of women you have nothing in common with without getting in deep trouble? But Karl’s wife, Rebecca, is a very outgoing person with a lot of friends. And she wanted her best friend, he husband, by her side when she entertained guests.

One day Rebecca came home from work with a grin so wide she could have eaten a banana sideways. “Let’s jump in the hot tub,” Rebecca said playfully. And so they did. They settled into the steaming hot water and allowed the jets to massage their worries away. Karl leaned back in a corner while Rebecca floated on top on him. She hugged him around the neck, grinned and gave a dirty laugh. Karl said, “What?” Rebecca gave another dirty laugh and reached behind Karl pulling back a small vile filled with mahogany colored liquid. “What is that?” “You’ll know soon enough,” Rebecca said as she opened the top and poured the liquid into the water. In moments the water began to foam around Karl. He looked at his wife in terror and said, “Nanobots?”

Yes, Rebecca poured nanobots into the hot tub water. Karl was confused at first, but soon adjusted to his new identity: Linda. Before long Karl thought like a woman and learned to love socializing with Rebecca and her friends. Who knew women could be such fun? Best of all, Rebecca ordered the nanobots that made him a blond. 

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Relaxing at the Gym

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People forget quickly when events stop happening for a while. The last time a vortex hit the Earth was three months ago. People stopped thinking about vortexes and how they changed any man they had contact with into a woman. The vortexes came out of deep space and the public felt confident scientists would give ample warning if another were headed this way.

Tommy, Sam and Frank never bothered with a plan to find shielded cover should a vortex make an appearance. They felt they would have several hours notice if they were at risk. The boys enjoyed the hot tub at the local gym when a loud rumble shook the building, turning the water to foam. A vortex came straight down out of the ceiling and hit only three people: Tommy, Sam and Frank. Everyone jumped and gasped, but by the time the boys finished jumping it was all over.

The gym provided bikinis for the boys. The police came and issued new identification for the boys, now named: Kate, Beth and Maya. Scientists complained they had no warning to give the public; the vortex showed up out of nowhere. The boys did not care. They liked the bodies they had.

The gym apologized for not having a vortex shielded area, but it would not have helped the boys since the vortex arrived unannounced. The gym was a great place for the vortex to hit anyway, the boys agreed. At the gym there were plenty of guys in good shape to pick from. 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Who I Am

I was depressed when my family sent me to therapy. They told the doctors I was sick; all I am is transgender. The relief I felt when my therapist, Betsy, understood who I am and wanted to help me be the person I really am. The progression therapy Betsy offered sounded appealing.

Betsy is a dream; the kind of girl I want to be. Her long brown hair, slender build and soft face are all things I should have been born with. As the progression therapy began Betsy had me remove my clothes and choose an ensemble of ladies clothing. This was the easy part. She helped me pick a pretty outfit and helped me with the makeup. Then she took me by the arm and led me out of her office and into the people standing in the hall.

As the days went on it got easier for me to assume my feminine role. Now it was time to make a choice. I knew what I had to do; my only chance to be what I really am. I accepted Betsy’s offer and prepared for hormone treatment and therapy. That was six months ago. As you can see I fill out lingerie quite well now. I am ready to go home to my family as the real me, as Sonya. My family will never think I am sick again.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Whatever You Want, Dear

Mark loved his wife, Casey. Getting that first date was the thrill of his life and marrying Casey was more than he ever dreamed possible. As great as Casey is she also has a kinky side. She loved dressing Mark up in her clothes.  It started the first Halloween they were together when Casey begged Mark to dress as a woman. Casey was in all her glory as she went all-out making Mark look so much like a woman, most people were fooled he really was.

The dress-up parties got more serious and more frequent as time went on. Before long Mark wore panties and a dress everyday and slept in a negligee every night. Casey made subtle changes to Mark every day until he looked female at all times unless fully unclothed. Mark learned to enjoy Casey’s fetish. He liked wearing ladies clothes. Before long Casey gave all his clothes away to a charity and he only had women’s clothes to wear.

One day Casey surprised Mark with an appointment at the switching factory, a new store in town. Mark heard they did excellent work transforming men into women. Mark was reluctant at first, but he spent so much time as a girl he did not even think of himself as a man anymore. Mark kept the appointment. Casey went with him for support. Here we see Mark soon after the change. I think you can agree with me, they did a fine job. Now Casey lives with Marcy, the man she married and loves more than life itself.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Any Volunteers?

Life in the military has risks, many undefined until they occur. Matt joined the military due to a desire to serve his country and make his family and community safer. Technology is frequently advanced in the laboratories of the armed forced before they go mainstream.  The transporter is one of those technologies.

Matt did not need a command from his superior officer to take the assignment; he volunteered. The transporter moved from drawing board to inanimate objects (rocks and such) to live animals. Now it was time for human testing.  Several volunteers signed up to be the first humans to go through the transporter. The first stage would transport the subject across the room to be followed by greater distances until transcontinental transports were attempted.

Half the group was female and half male to allow scientists the opportunity to review the effects on both genders. Matt was fortunate to be the first of the first followed by a slender cadet named Nancy. The transport disoriented Matt as he materialized across the room. He felt like something was missing. Then he realized he was in Nancy’s body! He was told he nearly fainted when he transported and did not speak until after Nancy transported. It was then the scientists realized the transporter shifted Matt’s consciousness into Nancy and vice versa.

Days later Matt began to adjust to short skirts and heels with the help of Nancy. It was harder for Matt to adjust to a woman’s role than for Nancy to assume a man’s. Scientists promised a solution soon, but Matt and Nancy agreed they were in no hurry as they went out on their first dinner date together.

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Drinks Are on Me

Landa was so excited when his refund check arrived he went straight to the bar to celebrate his good fortune. Good thing Landa was really drunk when the bartender slipped a mickey into his drink. Well not a mickey exactly. More like a nanobot tablet. Before Landa finished the bottle he was Linda. And good thing. It was his life-long dream. Let’s raise our glass to a big refund.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Summertime Blues

Losing made Timothy sad at first. The game sounded fun when his college buddies came up with the idea. A water fight was just what the doctor ordered on a hot, humid summer afternoon. A water fight would be more than fun; it would be fun losing by getting doused in cold water, except losing would have another side effect since each bucket of water would contain nanobots.

You never saw a group of guys run from a bucket of water so fast. Heat be damned. Whoever got soaked in the nanobot laced water would be transformed into a woman the nanobots were programmed to create. Timothy carried his bucket carefully so as not to spill on himself. But before he knew it a pail of water was running down his back.

In a few minutes the nanobots transformed Timothy into Beverly, clothes and all. The water fight was over as everyone watched Timothy transform. Everybody got serious and Timothy felt sad over what he lost. But when he saw his reflection he became the happiest girl alive. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Taxman Calleth

A business deal gone bad created a massive tax bill for Eugene. The IRS was unwilling to work out a deal to settle the back taxes. The auditor finally gave Eugene an ultimatum: pay up or take a job with an income to pay the entire bill in 5 years on an installment agreement. Eugene was willing to take the high paying job if only he had the job offer.  The IRS agent had the solution.

Eugene was reluctant at first, but it grew on him. The gender change became natural soon enough and the money dancing was fantastic. The IRS handled all the identity issues, changing Eugene’s name to Melissa. Eugene was able to branch out from his dancing, if you know what I mean. Soon he was making extra payments.

Before long Eugene paid off his debt and was told he could now have to old life back. With a million dollar smile and a great paying job with benefits he laughed off the IRS’ offer and stayed Melissa. Every April 15th he threw a party thanking the government for giving him the life and income he only dreamed of before the failed business venture.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Happiness Found

Deep in the Black Forest of Germany there lived a magical creature with great powers. The only problem he could not solve was his loneliness. Great magical powers taught the creature to remain hidden for fear he would be forced to use his powers for evil, or worse, he were overpowered by a crowd and killed. But he was alone and desperately wanted a companion.

Then one day a young man was walking in the forest. He sat against a tree and wept, for the love of his life had betrayed him. The creature feeling compassion went to the young man and inquired his reason for crying. He told the creature. The creature with no name promised the young man a wish. Too distraught the young man wished for the pain to go away the only way he knew how.

His wish, his fantasy, was granted. The creature turned him into the woman he always wanted to be. A woman so beautiful men would fall hopelessly in love with one look. The creature was just such a man. The young man, now a maiden, fell as deeply in love as the creature did with him. He took the name Roxy. Not that it mattered. No one ever saw the young man again, or the young maiden for that matter. Roxy and the creature disappeared even deeper into the forest never to be seen again. But they were never alone. They were happy and in love. Together. 

Monday, April 13, 2015

Never Break This Rule

A good rule of thumb is: never piss off a witch. Buddy did not heed such advice. He felt he was above the rules since he is a journalist and journalists have a job to get done. The regional witch’s convention is a case in example. The witch’s union published a press release warning everyone to stay away from the woods this evening as they held their annual convention.

Buddy took the press release as a challenge. Soon after dark he found a hiding place to wait until the witches came out at midnight to perform their rituals. Buddy was noted for calling witches “crazy women”. As you can imagine, Buddy was not popular with the witch’s union.

Shortly before midnight the witches started to gather. At midnight sharp they performed their opening ritual to welcome all guest witches from out of town. Buddy recorded the event on his cell phone. Halfway through the opening ritual the lead witch suddenly stopped and looked up. The rituals gave the witches power Buddy was unaware of. The lead witch pointed in Buddy’s direction. Before Buddy knew it he was surrounded and captured by the witches.

He was brought to the clearing. The witches circled him as the lead witch stood in the middle with Buddy. “You should have heeded our warning, Buddy,” the lead witch said as she raised her staff over her head. “You accuse us of being “crazy women”, now you will spend the rest of your days as a real “crazy woman”. Sparks flew from the staff and knocked Buddy to the ground unconscious.

The next day Buddy woke up in a strange world. It was still his home town, not that he remembered. The townspeople soon took to calling her “Crazy Nancy”.  Once a month, on the full moon, Buddy would remember for a few moments the greatest error of his life the night the witches warned him to stay away. But only for a few moments. The rest of the month he was stark raving mad.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Promise is a Promise

“Prim and proper, now. Prim and proper.” George’s wife, Sammy encouraged him as she continued with the training. “Remember your promise. I would marry you as long as we swapped bodies. I expect you to live up to my reputation. Always prim and proper.”

George gave his best effort as he smiled and brought his hand to his face. Sammy’s body was more difficult to manage than he ever imagined. He thought it would be easy, but a woman’s body is built so differently. Even the joints, especially the hips, are hinged different. It all takes effort to bring his new body under control. And felt naked dressed like this in public. How do women do it?

“Take a sip,” Sammy encourage George to drink his coffee. George kept his smile, remained aware of his posture, and slowly brought the cup to his lips. He took a dainty sip of the bitter coffee. As a man he would take a large swallow of the caffeinated liquid, but as a woman he had to take every step in a measured manner.

“You did it! And without spilling.” George was proud of himself. He looked down in guarded humility as a proper woman should. It was strange seeing the hand of his male body reach out and pat his knee. George looked up. “Are you happy in my body?” George hesitated. “Yes.” The word no more than a whisper.  “You may like my body so much you may never want to change back,” Sammy said. George looked down again and smiled.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Good Game of Cards

Craig was the best poker player in the county. A poker tournament was too much for Craig to pass up. The difference was that losers lost more than the tournament, they lost their manhood. In the back of Craig’s mind he was okay with the possibility he could lose it all. Yet, he knew he would win.

The rules were simple on game day. Make it to the final table and the rules became personal. Eight players went to the final table and seven would walk away women and one would walk with cash. Craig was completely confident as he made it to the final table. With a massive lead he was the hands on favorite. The remaining players were resigned to their fate. Racks of women’s clothes were brought to the stage to remind the players what they would wear as they left the table if they lost.

The audience expected a rout, but several bad beats left Craig with a deficit. Three men lost and stepped into a nanobot shower. After the nanobots did their work changing every cell into their body female they choose an outfit. They put on dresses and high heels and joined the audience to watch the rest of the tournament. Craig took out two out of the three losers. They cheered when Craig went all-in against the chip leader. The odds favored Craig. As the cards turned Craig’s opponent got more outs. And then the last card turned and Craig lost.

The crowd cheered as their former hero would spend the rest of his life as a woman. Craig honored the contest rules and stepped into the nanobot shower. Craig was surprised at how good it felt to change gender. The clothed felt best of all. If he would have known he would have thrown the game intentionally.

Craig was introduced to the audience as Jody. He joined the crown and cheered as the poker players vied for their manhood. Finally a winner was crowned. It was all anticlimactic. Craig stopped for a photo-op as he left the building. I think you can see how happy Jody is.

Friday, April 10, 2015

A Loving Wife

It started as a fetish when Thomas first got married and turned into a raging addiction. Wearing his wife’s lingerie was fun, exciting at first. Soon it turned into an unstoppable desire to feel soft, feminine fabric against his skin.

Then his wife, Kim, found out. She was shocked, yet understood. Kim found Thomas sexy when he dressed up in her clothes. Waking up in the morning to see Thomas is her red negligee was comforting and erotic. Soon Thomas spent every private moment in women’s clothes. Kim knew what Thomas really wanted and she knew how to give him his wish.

Kim handed Thomas the Jewel of Odan telling him to hold the jewel in his left hand and think of the most beautiful woman other than her. Thomas closed his eyes and did as told. When he opened his eyes he filled out Kim’s negligee better than ever. And for good reason; a woman filled the negligee.

Kim told Thomas she wanted him to change his name to Lacy, her favorite female name. Thomas agreed. He adjusted to his new body in no time at all. Now he could wear Kim’s clothes everywhere he went, not just at home. Kim was surprised. Thomas, as Lacy, had more fashion sense than any woman Kim ever met. Kim always wanted to be with a woman. Now she is every day with the man, ah, woman she loves. The day she found the Jewel of Odan at a rummage sale her life has been nonstop pleasure.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Back on Her Feet

Amanda has a secret she is dying to tell someone, anyone, that will listen. The party was the perfect place to put her new body to the test. Earlier in the day Ken visited the new World of TG factory and picked a body, a body so beautiful he knew he had to be it. Ken was sick of living in a wheelchair and the World of TG transformation was the only technology guaranteed to give him the ability to walk again.

He could have switched into any body in the catalog, but he knew he wanted to be a girl. The World of TG would solve two of his problems for one fee. He was pleased when he stepped out of the transformation machine and saw the results. And he could walk! The transformation came with several sets of clothes for the freshly minted girl. Of course he had to wear a dress. Now he could not wait to attend the party tonight. Oh, to walk into a room!

Now, at the party he is experiencing all the sensations a woman feels: the bubbles in his nose from his beer, the air on his legs and the feel of his dress, the looks from guys, and the attention he gets. His best friend is approaching and he knows he wants to ask the new girl on a date. Just wait until he tells him who she really is. Amanda giggles with delight when Ken’s friend introduced himself. 

More than TG, Intersex

I found this article on a real life family living with an intersex child. Transgender people, or those even interested in TG things,will find this article touching. Give it a read.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The NeoRock Special II: Living the Good Life

Inspired by: NeoRock

It has been six months since Paul saved the legend of Captain Alexis throughout the galaxy. Evil nearly won when Captain Alexis removed her body suit to escape the rigors of protecting the universe. Paul was in the right place at the right time and never wavered when he needed to do what had to be done. Captain Alexis was killed, but Paul stepped into her body suit without hesitation, transformed into Captain Alexis, gained all her super powers and proceeded to kick evil butt.

Learning the lesson from the previous Captain Alexis, Paul stays firmly in the body suit, a friendly gal until evil shows its face. Paul has the largest following Captain Alexis ever had. And good thing. Evil is more powerful now than ever. But Paul is all bitch. He, as Captain Alexis, has never been defeated. When bad guys see those hooker boots walking their way they run to the farthest ends of the universe to stay alive.

In six months Paul is more Captain Alexis than he was ever Paul. All he was is gone. Captain Alexis and her armada bring peace wherever they go. The story of Paul pulling on the body suit and protecting the downtrodden is now story tale told to school children, all of them dreaming to grow up a super hero like Paul or Captain Alexis.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Perfect Fit

Some things are harder to get used to than others. Take for instance: clothing. We don’t think about how to wear clothing, we just do it. Paul also took clothing for granted. He pulled on his day’s attire without thinking as he has always done. It was all automatic.

Then the vortex floated through the neighborhood. Only a few men were hit by the slow moving vortex. Paul never saw it coming. He was working in his garden transplanting tomato plants. When he turned to get another tomato plant it was too late; the vortex was on him and he was transformed into a woman, the one thing vortexes always do.

Clothing isn’t as automatic for Paul anymore. He changed his name to Tammy and tried to reorganize his life. Nothing was easy. Finding the right outfit had so many variables as a woman. Men have fewer choices. Women have more choices and needed to meet societal standards. Clothing didn’t fit as well for Paul since the change. Some ideas seemed like a good idea at the time and later proved less than acceptable. Like Paul’s new outfit here. For some reason the guys keep turning to look. Maybe the fit is right after all.

Monday, April 6, 2015

My Lucky Crush

The Great Shift happened unannounced. One moment people were going about their business and the next they were in someone else’s body. Scientists had no explanation for the Great Shift and the chaos it created.

Some people were luckier than others. Shifting into an old or sick body, if you were young and vital, was terrible luck. But if you snagged a young, vibrant body like Nick did you won the Great Shift lottery. Even better, Nick knew who he shifted into, Alice Shavers. Nick knew Alice and had a secret crush on her even though they never spoke. Winning the Great Shift lottery was the greatest thing to happen to Nick. He knew where Alice lived so he could go home. Many people didn't know who they shifted into and didn't know where they lived anymore. The Great Shift meant you needed to figure out which house the keys in your pocket opened.

Alice always wore wild outfits and Nick loved it. Nick promised to carry on the tradition. He might even fool most people he never shifted, that he was the real Alice Shavers. No matter. Nick stopped for a quick photo while walking home in his new body. It felt good to be the girl he always wanted to meet.

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Aliens came to Earth and offered mankind the deal of a lifetime. The greeting of the aliens involved a swap with your guest. Lucky for humans the aliens looked a lot like us.

Like humans, the aliens enjoyed an insatiable curiosity. They wanted to experience everything. Things that seem small requires hours of intense scrutiny by an alien, even if in a human body.

Take Matilda here. She was Roger before he greeted an alien. He picked up the same curiosity as the aliens in the exchange. Now, simple pleasures, like a swing, provide a whole day of excitement. Roger couldn’t understand why he was so fascinated by the sensations of his new female body, like the air up his skirt which felt so wonderful as he gently swung on the swing.

The clothes felt great. He had so many choices as a woman, something he did not have to worry about as a man. Roger never thought of shoes before, but now he couldn't get enough. He loved walking in heels. It was hard on the calves, but the looks men sent his way turned him on.

The aliens only rented bodies. After a short time they returned to the person they exchanged their body with. When Roger’s original body approached he felt conflicted. He prepared a mental speech to convince the alien to allow him to keep his female body. Roger crossed his fingers and delivered his speech as Matilda arrived in his old body.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

The Heel is on the Other Foot

The pantyhose were the best part for Zach. As part of the agreement to save their marriage, Zach’s wife, Peggy, demanded they trade bodies for six months. It was awkward at first, but Zach adjusted to the different clothes, walking in stilettos and the different ways the female body walked and moved.

Of all the things Zach had to adjust to pantyhose was the best. He loved the way hose felt against his skin. The councilor said it would be a good experience for Zach to walk a mile in Peggy‘s heels. At first Zach had his doubts, but them he felt the fabric of his dress wisp against his nylon covered legs. The sensation intoxicated him.

Zach learned a lot about life as the woman married to him. As the six months neared its end he found he didn’t want to change back. His relationship with his wife was better than ever. In the last meeting they had with the councilor prior to changing back Zach broke down and revealed his feelings. To his surprise Peggy felt the same way. By the end of the meeting they agreed to stay as they were. Zach was so excited. Seven years ago he married Peggy and now he will spend the rest of his life as Peggy. And he gets to wear pretty clothes every day, turning heads wherever he goes.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Brotherly Love

Justine could not believe it. No one had a clue who he was. They all thought he was his sister Greta. But Justine has the greatest sister in the world. She knew how much he loved to attend games, but money is tight for college students. Greta came to Justine and offered to swap bodies so he could attend the game for free.

Greta has a friend working in the university lab where the swapping chambers are. Greta set the whole thing up. Justine was so excited to attend the game for free. He did not know Greta had other plans for him. All Greta’s friends were in on it. They planned on a fake car problem and making sure Greta’s boyfriend was available to take Justine home. And Greta and her boyfriend were very close.

The plan went without a hitch. Justine enjoyed the game for free and fell for the trick. Justine jumped in the car with Greta’s boyfriend. He drove them to Greta’s favorite place to park. At first Justine was nervous, but he soon wanted the full experience of his sister’s body. The next day Justine switched back with his sister. When Greta found out what happened she was dumbstruck. Justine said, “He is a good man, Greta. You keep him.”  Nothing like brotherly love.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Trophy Wife

Scientists discovered a way to control a single vortex under the right conditions. When a vortex storm struck the Earth scientists were able to capture and control a vortex in their lab. To raise money for continued research the vortex was placed in a tunnel and anyone, for a fee, could walk the tunnel.

This particular vortex did a great job at creating beautiful women. Nibs always knew he was born the wrong gender. The controlled vortex offered his greatest opportunity to be the woman he always knew he was. Nibs emptied his savings to purchase a walk down the tunnel.

The walk was fast and painless. Nibs thought it didn't work at first. He walked down the tunnel slowly and passed through the vortex without even knowing it. He expected wind or something to indicate the change, but when he reached the other side of the tunnel he thought he had wasted his money. As the lights grew brighter at the tunnel end he looked down and broke out in tears at the wonderful change. He was so beautiful.

Nibs changed his name to Pinky. Broke after payment for walking the vortex tunnel, Pinky needed a way to live. A wealthy oil baron wanted Pinky as a trophy wife. Of course she said yes. You see, the vortex not only changed you into a beautiful woman, but you remained young and beautiful till the day you died. The wealthy always want the best and a vortex girl is a lifetime trophy wife.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spin the Bottle

The invitation to a game of “spin the bottle” was too good for Larry to pass up. His college friends wanted to do something special for their 5-year reunion and a game of “spin the bottle” with special rules would do the trick.

The room was filled with classmates when Larry arrived. The game of “spin the bottle” was limited so players would be chosen by lottery. As luck would have it Larry received a seat in the game. The special rule in this game of “spin the bottle” meant that the winners (or losers, depending what you called a winner) would enter the swap chamber for a life altering change.

Larry won the lottery and was seated across from Mindy. Larry took one look at Mindy and knew he would not mind swapping bodies with her. As the bottle spun Larry and Mindy lost more and more clothes until his wish came true. Larry jumped into his chamber with gusto. A few minutes later he stepped out in Mindy’s body. He inquired on how long he could keep the body. Forever was the answer. Larry was good with that.