Sunday, April 19, 2015

Whatever You Want, Dear

Mark loved his wife, Casey. Getting that first date was the thrill of his life and marrying Casey was more than he ever dreamed possible. As great as Casey is she also has a kinky side. She loved dressing Mark up in her clothes.  It started the first Halloween they were together when Casey begged Mark to dress as a woman. Casey was in all her glory as she went all-out making Mark look so much like a woman, most people were fooled he really was.

The dress-up parties got more serious and more frequent as time went on. Before long Mark wore panties and a dress everyday and slept in a negligee every night. Casey made subtle changes to Mark every day until he looked female at all times unless fully unclothed. Mark learned to enjoy Casey’s fetish. He liked wearing ladies clothes. Before long Casey gave all his clothes away to a charity and he only had women’s clothes to wear.

One day Casey surprised Mark with an appointment at the switching factory, a new store in town. Mark heard they did excellent work transforming men into women. Mark was reluctant at first, but he spent so much time as a girl he did not even think of himself as a man anymore. Mark kept the appointment. Casey went with him for support. Here we see Mark soon after the change. I think you can agree with me, they did a fine job. Now Casey lives with Marcy, the man she married and loves more than life itself.

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  1. WISH that I could be Marcy....lucky girl. *jealous*