Friday, April 10, 2015

A Loving Wife

It started as a fetish when Thomas first got married and turned into a raging addiction. Wearing his wife’s lingerie was fun, exciting at first. Soon it turned into an unstoppable desire to feel soft, feminine fabric against his skin.

Then his wife, Kim, found out. She was shocked, yet understood. Kim found Thomas sexy when he dressed up in her clothes. Waking up in the morning to see Thomas is her red negligee was comforting and erotic. Soon Thomas spent every private moment in women’s clothes. Kim knew what Thomas really wanted and she knew how to give him his wish.

Kim handed Thomas the Jewel of Odan telling him to hold the jewel in his left hand and think of the most beautiful woman other than her. Thomas closed his eyes and did as told. When he opened his eyes he filled out Kim’s negligee better than ever. And for good reason; a woman filled the negligee.

Kim told Thomas she wanted him to change his name to Lacy, her favorite female name. Thomas agreed. He adjusted to his new body in no time at all. Now he could wear Kim’s clothes everywhere he went, not just at home. Kim was surprised. Thomas, as Lacy, had more fashion sense than any woman Kim ever met. Kim always wanted to be with a woman. Now she is every day with the man, ah, woman she loves. The day she found the Jewel of Odan at a rummage sale her life has been nonstop pleasure.


  1. Very sexy caption. It would be great to have a supportive wife encourage me to wear silky lingerie and nighties.