Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Best of Friends

Karl hated going out with his wife and her friends. What do you say in a group of women you have nothing in common with without getting in deep trouble? But Karl’s wife, Rebecca, is a very outgoing person with a lot of friends. And she wanted her best friend, he husband, by her side when she entertained guests.

One day Rebecca came home from work with a grin so wide she could have eaten a banana sideways. “Let’s jump in the hot tub,” Rebecca said playfully. And so they did. They settled into the steaming hot water and allowed the jets to massage their worries away. Karl leaned back in a corner while Rebecca floated on top on him. She hugged him around the neck, grinned and gave a dirty laugh. Karl said, “What?” Rebecca gave another dirty laugh and reached behind Karl pulling back a small vile filled with mahogany colored liquid. “What is that?” “You’ll know soon enough,” Rebecca said as she opened the top and poured the liquid into the water. In moments the water began to foam around Karl. He looked at his wife in terror and said, “Nanobots?”

Yes, Rebecca poured nanobots into the hot tub water. Karl was confused at first, but soon adjusted to his new identity: Linda. Before long Karl thought like a woman and learned to love socializing with Rebecca and her friends. Who knew women could be such fun? Best of all, Rebecca ordered the nanobots that made him a blond. 

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