Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Taxman Calleth

A business deal gone bad created a massive tax bill for Eugene. The IRS was unwilling to work out a deal to settle the back taxes. The auditor finally gave Eugene an ultimatum: pay up or take a job with an income to pay the entire bill in 5 years on an installment agreement. Eugene was willing to take the high paying job if only he had the job offer.  The IRS agent had the solution.

Eugene was reluctant at first, but it grew on him. The gender change became natural soon enough and the money dancing was fantastic. The IRS handled all the identity issues, changing Eugene’s name to Melissa. Eugene was able to branch out from his dancing, if you know what I mean. Soon he was making extra payments.

Before long Eugene paid off his debt and was told he could now have to old life back. With a million dollar smile and a great paying job with benefits he laughed off the IRS’ offer and stayed Melissa. Every April 15th he threw a party thanking the government for giving him the life and income he only dreamed of before the failed business venture.

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