Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Relaxing at the Gym

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People forget quickly when events stop happening for a while. The last time a vortex hit the Earth was three months ago. People stopped thinking about vortexes and how they changed any man they had contact with into a woman. The vortexes came out of deep space and the public felt confident scientists would give ample warning if another were headed this way.

Tommy, Sam and Frank never bothered with a plan to find shielded cover should a vortex make an appearance. They felt they would have several hours notice if they were at risk. The boys enjoyed the hot tub at the local gym when a loud rumble shook the building, turning the water to foam. A vortex came straight down out of the ceiling and hit only three people: Tommy, Sam and Frank. Everyone jumped and gasped, but by the time the boys finished jumping it was all over.

The gym provided bikinis for the boys. The police came and issued new identification for the boys, now named: Kate, Beth and Maya. Scientists complained they had no warning to give the public; the vortex showed up out of nowhere. The boys did not care. They liked the bodies they had.

The gym apologized for not having a vortex shielded area, but it would not have helped the boys since the vortex arrived unannounced. The gym was a great place for the vortex to hit anyway, the boys agreed. At the gym there were plenty of guys in good shape to pick from. 

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