Saturday, April 11, 2015

Good Game of Cards

Craig was the best poker player in the county. A poker tournament was too much for Craig to pass up. The difference was that losers lost more than the tournament, they lost their manhood. In the back of Craig’s mind he was okay with the possibility he could lose it all. Yet, he knew he would win.

The rules were simple on game day. Make it to the final table and the rules became personal. Eight players went to the final table and seven would walk away women and one would walk with cash. Craig was completely confident as he made it to the final table. With a massive lead he was the hands on favorite. The remaining players were resigned to their fate. Racks of women’s clothes were brought to the stage to remind the players what they would wear as they left the table if they lost.

The audience expected a rout, but several bad beats left Craig with a deficit. Three men lost and stepped into a nanobot shower. After the nanobots did their work changing every cell into their body female they choose an outfit. They put on dresses and high heels and joined the audience to watch the rest of the tournament. Craig took out two out of the three losers. They cheered when Craig went all-in against the chip leader. The odds favored Craig. As the cards turned Craig’s opponent got more outs. And then the last card turned and Craig lost.

The crowd cheered as their former hero would spend the rest of his life as a woman. Craig honored the contest rules and stepped into the nanobot shower. Craig was surprised at how good it felt to change gender. The clothed felt best of all. If he would have known he would have thrown the game intentionally.

Craig was introduced to the audience as Jody. He joined the crown and cheered as the poker players vied for their manhood. Finally a winner was crowned. It was all anticlimactic. Craig stopped for a photo-op as he left the building. I think you can see how happy Jody is.

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