Saturday, April 18, 2015

Any Volunteers?

Life in the military has risks, many undefined until they occur. Matt joined the military due to a desire to serve his country and make his family and community safer. Technology is frequently advanced in the laboratories of the armed forced before they go mainstream.  The transporter is one of those technologies.

Matt did not need a command from his superior officer to take the assignment; he volunteered. The transporter moved from drawing board to inanimate objects (rocks and such) to live animals. Now it was time for human testing.  Several volunteers signed up to be the first humans to go through the transporter. The first stage would transport the subject across the room to be followed by greater distances until transcontinental transports were attempted.

Half the group was female and half male to allow scientists the opportunity to review the effects on both genders. Matt was fortunate to be the first of the first followed by a slender cadet named Nancy. The transport disoriented Matt as he materialized across the room. He felt like something was missing. Then he realized he was in Nancy’s body! He was told he nearly fainted when he transported and did not speak until after Nancy transported. It was then the scientists realized the transporter shifted Matt’s consciousness into Nancy and vice versa.

Days later Matt began to adjust to short skirts and heels with the help of Nancy. It was harder for Matt to adjust to a woman’s role than for Nancy to assume a man’s. Scientists promised a solution soon, but Matt and Nancy agreed they were in no hurry as they went out on their first dinner date together.

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