Saturday, April 25, 2015

Hitting the Slopes

A late winter storm forced Brad to the slopes for one last opportunity to snowboard this season. He dressed warm for the occasion planning a full day riding the snow. The first run he ran straight into a vortex transforming him into a woman not dressed so warmly instantly. Brad could not stop cussing when he hit the bottom. Here he was a woman in a bikini and a scarf. How could he enjoy the rest of the day?

Then a kindly old man put a mirror in front of Brad. Brad stopped cold in his tracks and said, “My gawd! I’m hot!” Brad soon loved the boots and skimpy outfit. He referred to himself as Matilda the remainder of the day. Everyone on the hills loved the fun Brad brought to the party. Every run down the slopes people cheered, “Go Matildaaaaaaa!” By the end of the day the entire lodge was wore out from all the fun Brad brought to the party. Funny thing is Brad never felt the cold wearing a bikini he was having so much fun.

As the sun went down the party migrated inside to the main reception area of the lodge. The fireplace in the center of the room added a special warmth to the room. Matilda was surrounded by men all evening. Brad knew he was the lucky one to get struck by the vortex. Later, as the evening grew late, Matilda put hand on the inside elbow of a man she was eyeing up all evening and went to his room. The next morning she enjoyed the warmth of a gentle older man as they watched the sunrise with a cup of coffee in the nude.

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