Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The NeoRock Special II: Living the Good Life

Inspired by: NeoRock

It has been six months since Paul saved the legend of Captain Alexis throughout the galaxy. Evil nearly won when Captain Alexis removed her body suit to escape the rigors of protecting the universe. Paul was in the right place at the right time and never wavered when he needed to do what had to be done. Captain Alexis was killed, but Paul stepped into her body suit without hesitation, transformed into Captain Alexis, gained all her super powers and proceeded to kick evil butt.

Learning the lesson from the previous Captain Alexis, Paul stays firmly in the body suit, a friendly gal until evil shows its face. Paul has the largest following Captain Alexis ever had. And good thing. Evil is more powerful now than ever. But Paul is all bitch. He, as Captain Alexis, has never been defeated. When bad guys see those hooker boots walking their way they run to the farthest ends of the universe to stay alive.

In six months Paul is more Captain Alexis than he was ever Paul. All he was is gone. Captain Alexis and her armada bring peace wherever they go. The story of Paul pulling on the body suit and protecting the downtrodden is now story tale told to school children, all of them dreaming to grow up a super hero like Paul or Captain Alexis.

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