Thursday, April 2, 2015

The Trophy Wife

Scientists discovered a way to control a single vortex under the right conditions. When a vortex storm struck the Earth scientists were able to capture and control a vortex in their lab. To raise money for continued research the vortex was placed in a tunnel and anyone, for a fee, could walk the tunnel.

This particular vortex did a great job at creating beautiful women. Nibs always knew he was born the wrong gender. The controlled vortex offered his greatest opportunity to be the woman he always knew he was. Nibs emptied his savings to purchase a walk down the tunnel.

The walk was fast and painless. Nibs thought it didn't work at first. He walked down the tunnel slowly and passed through the vortex without even knowing it. He expected wind or something to indicate the change, but when he reached the other side of the tunnel he thought he had wasted his money. As the lights grew brighter at the tunnel end he looked down and broke out in tears at the wonderful change. He was so beautiful.

Nibs changed his name to Pinky. Broke after payment for walking the vortex tunnel, Pinky needed a way to live. A wealthy oil baron wanted Pinky as a trophy wife. Of course she said yes. You see, the vortex not only changed you into a beautiful woman, but you remained young and beautiful till the day you died. The wealthy always want the best and a vortex girl is a lifetime trophy wife.

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