Sunday, April 26, 2015

Birthday Gift

Aziza wanted to give her husband, Martin, a birthday gift he will never forget. It would not be easy. Martin has everything he wants and more. A large inheritance will do that to a guy. Still, Aziza wanted to make Martin’s birthday very special.

Recently Aziza discovered Martin had a secret he was hiding. She noticed her clothes were moved and folded differently. She installed a hidden camera and caught Martin wearing her clothes. She heard him complain on tape he couldn't wear her skimpy clothes due to his body type. This was all Aziza needed to make Martin happy for his birthday.

Early on Martin’s birthday Aziza convinced Martin to go for a ride. He expected a birthday gift and was excited. His eyes became huge ovals with tears forming in the corners when she stopped at the swapping company. “I know your little secret, Martin,” Aziza said. “I know what would make you happier than anything else today: switching bodies. Then you can wear any skimpy outfit of mine you want.”

Martin accepted Aziza’s hand as she led him into the building. Aziza has all the paperwork and payments taken care of the day before. Martin and Aziza stepped into their respective chambers. The doors were closed. When the machine finished its work Martin and Aziza steeped out. Martin looked down at his body. “I can’t believe it. I have your hot body, Aziza.” Aziza gave Martin a hug.

At home Martin tried on several outfits before settling on a bikini. Aziza took a picture for the scrap book. As the day grew late Martin asked, “How long do I get to keep your body?” Aziza smiled from Martin’s body, “As long as you want.” That night they made the best, most passionate love in their life. Martin wondered if Aziza would be open to staying as they are forever. Aziza was thinking the same thing.


  1. LOVE IT !!!
    What a PERFECT b-day present. SO WISH that could happen to me !!!

  2. Hey, Alana. Thanks you for your many comments. I think I understand the kind of captions you like. I will do my best to get a few more out for you. Keep the dream alive, girl. You never know. Kisses. Krazy Kay

    1.'re a sweetheart. Kisses to you, too, honey. :-)