Thursday, April 9, 2015

Back on Her Feet

Amanda has a secret she is dying to tell someone, anyone, that will listen. The party was the perfect place to put her new body to the test. Earlier in the day Ken visited the new World of TG factory and picked a body, a body so beautiful he knew he had to be it. Ken was sick of living in a wheelchair and the World of TG transformation was the only technology guaranteed to give him the ability to walk again.

He could have switched into any body in the catalog, but he knew he wanted to be a girl. The World of TG would solve two of his problems for one fee. He was pleased when he stepped out of the transformation machine and saw the results. And he could walk! The transformation came with several sets of clothes for the freshly minted girl. Of course he had to wear a dress. Now he could not wait to attend the party tonight. Oh, to walk into a room!

Now, at the party he is experiencing all the sensations a woman feels: the bubbles in his nose from his beer, the air on his legs and the feel of his dress, the looks from guys, and the attention he gets. His best friend is approaching and he knows he wants to ask the new girl on a date. Just wait until he tells him who she really is. Amanda giggles with delight when Ken’s friend introduced himself. 

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