Sunday, April 12, 2015

A Promise is a Promise

“Prim and proper, now. Prim and proper.” George’s wife, Sammy encouraged him as she continued with the training. “Remember your promise. I would marry you as long as we swapped bodies. I expect you to live up to my reputation. Always prim and proper.”

George gave his best effort as he smiled and brought his hand to his face. Sammy’s body was more difficult to manage than he ever imagined. He thought it would be easy, but a woman’s body is built so differently. Even the joints, especially the hips, are hinged different. It all takes effort to bring his new body under control. And felt naked dressed like this in public. How do women do it?

“Take a sip,” Sammy encourage George to drink his coffee. George kept his smile, remained aware of his posture, and slowly brought the cup to his lips. He took a dainty sip of the bitter coffee. As a man he would take a large swallow of the caffeinated liquid, but as a woman he had to take every step in a measured manner.

“You did it! And without spilling.” George was proud of himself. He looked down in guarded humility as a proper woman should. It was strange seeing the hand of his male body reach out and pat his knee. George looked up. “Are you happy in my body?” George hesitated. “Yes.” The word no more than a whisper.  “You may like my body so much you may never want to change back,” Sammy said. George looked down again and smiled.

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