Thursday, April 23, 2015

The NeoRock Special III: Rock On

Generations have passed and still Captain Alexis rocks on. The legend is greater than the myth. Bad guy aliens can’t understand why Captain Alexis has ruled civilized space for eons. What gives her such powers? How can rumors of her death be so wrong? And why the hell doesn't she retire?

What bad guys the galaxy over do not understand is that Captain Alexis is not the same Captain Alexis that ruled her armada of spacecraft from her flagship a few years ago. When one Captain Alexis is bested another takes her place. It is not Captain Alexis; it is the body suit. And for some reason the bodysuit has a passion for men named Paul.

A bloody battle in the Kentar Cluster left millions dead, but the survivors are safe for generations from marauders. In a fierce battle Captain Alexis led her troops into battle. The sweet victory was soured by Captain Alexis dying in the arms of Paul Runestone. “Promise me Paul you will wear my body suit just once.” These were the dying words of Captain Alexis to her first in command. By standing orders Paul transported Captain Alexis to the flagship secretly, disrobed her, and placed her in the incinerator. No one can see Captain Alexis vulnerable; it would only encourage the resistance.

Once Captain Alexis was gone, Paul held the body suit and boots in his hands. As strange as the request seemed he obeyed and put on the body suit and slipped into the hooker boots. In moments Paul felt his body change. Within minutes he looked exactly like Captain Alexis. He also had her memories, all the memories, experiences, and knowledge of every Captain Alexis that came before him. He was now a woman in power, a woman in control, a woman commanding respect. Paul took a first in command and swore him to allegiance and secrecy.

Paul relished his new role as Captain Alexis as he transported back to the planet surface. He toured the deserted back roads for signs of evil survivors. When he spotted a reporter he posed for a photo for the Galactic News Network. The promise of a safe galaxy went on for another generation.

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