Friday, April 24, 2015

My TG Swapping Diary

TG Swapping Diary

Day 1: Today I embark on a journey of discovery. I finally have my life in order so I can be the person I really am. The money has all been paid; there is no turning back. I will be a girl when the hormone treatment and surgery is complete.

Day28: Dear Diary, my body has started to undergo changes. They were so small at first I was not sure if it was sore muscles or the hormones. My skin has softened and my breasts are sore. The doctor gave me a drink containing nanobots. She said the nanobots will facilitate internal changes necessary to be a fully complete woman. Crazy, I know, but I feel normal, like everything is okay.

Day 93: Over three months have passed now. My breasts are very sore. My nipples hurt. But it feels so good to look down and see a woman’s body developing. My breasts have grown enough that I need to wear a bra. My hips have widened and a thin layer of fat under my skin has softened every part of my body. The nanobots the doctor gave me stopped unwanted hair from growing on my face. The hair on top my head is full and long. I decorated my finger nails today. I really look like a girl except for a few areas down below.

Day 187: The doctor has scheduled the last phase of my transformation: minor surgery to my genitals. I am a little nervous. There is no going back. Unless you see me completely naked I look exactly like a woman. Even my penis has shrunk to a microscopic size. I sit when I use the restroom. I can’t wait to lose that last offending appendage. I am so ready to be a fully functional woman.

Day 211: Surgery went perfect; the healing is complete. Coming out of surgery was interesting. I couldn’t stop rubbing my hand over my smooth crotch when I woke after surgery. It was totally real. I have girl parts. I started to cry I was so happy. I don’t know what else to tell you, but here is a picture of me as I really am. Adam no longer exists and Carol is a happy, vibrant woman. 

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