Monday, April 6, 2015

My Lucky Crush

The Great Shift happened unannounced. One moment people were going about their business and the next they were in someone else’s body. Scientists had no explanation for the Great Shift and the chaos it created.

Some people were luckier than others. Shifting into an old or sick body, if you were young and vital, was terrible luck. But if you snagged a young, vibrant body like Nick did you won the Great Shift lottery. Even better, Nick knew who he shifted into, Alice Shavers. Nick knew Alice and had a secret crush on her even though they never spoke. Winning the Great Shift lottery was the greatest thing to happen to Nick. He knew where Alice lived so he could go home. Many people didn't know who they shifted into and didn't know where they lived anymore. The Great Shift meant you needed to figure out which house the keys in your pocket opened.

Alice always wore wild outfits and Nick loved it. Nick promised to carry on the tradition. He might even fool most people he never shifted, that he was the real Alice Shavers. No matter. Nick stopped for a quick photo while walking home in his new body. It felt good to be the girl he always wanted to meet.

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